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Re-Opening Our Town Centre

It’s coming up to 10 weeks since the lockdown of the UK came into force and we are refocusing our efforts now on how we can reopen our town centre safely and successfully.

We are well aware of the concern that our community have about opening our stores for customers once more and this is something that is being looked at, taking into account the safety of our towns customers, shop owners, staff and residents.

It’s going to be a new kind of normal, and that means change, change that will not come easy to some, but Caldicot Town Team are here to support all those who need it to reopen safely and successfully.

Our team is working on a ten point plan to reopen the town centre, once the lockdown is lifted, this will be influenced by the needs and wants of the businesses as well as users of the town centre.

Over the next week, our team will be speaking to all businesses to find out how we can help, support and finance changes that are essential to allow all of our shops to reopen.

There is much uncertainty about the what the future holds, but rest assured we will do all that we can to hello and support our vital local economy, working with Monmouthshire County Council, The Senedd, The Federation of Small Businesses and other organisations.

We will be publishing the ten point plan and the feedback gained from both businesses and residents very soon.

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