Road Closures Changing in Town Centre Redevelopment

As work has now started again following the lockdown on the redevelopment of the area of Caldicot Cross/church road junction in the town centre, changes are going to take place next week in relation to road closures

The road closure which is currently enforce from Chepstow road up to the mini roundabout (Jubilee way/Sandy Lane) will end on the morning of Wednesday 10th June.

From 10am on the same day (Wednesday 10th June) the road closure will be enforced from Chepstow Road/church road junction to Asda junction.

Effective from 9.00am Wednesday 10th June 2020, phase 2 of the road closure will commence for approx. 8 weeks. The road closure includes a section of the carriageway between the Church Road junction towards Chepstow Road.

This means that all traffic coming from Church Rod will be directed to turn right toward the Mini roundabout.

Alun Griffiths contractors have confirmed that this road closure will in place for 8 weeks to allow the works to be completed for the regeneration of The Cross area, which will see a new shared access road and reduced speed limits and speed humps along that area of Chepstow Road

Please note: access to businesses and properties will be maintained, including the Police Station.

Sandy Lane will be reopened and traffic diverted through Jubilee Way and back onto Woodstock Way. Diversion signage will be in place.

Bus companies will be made aware that the diversion will be in the opposite direction as to how they are currently operating. The temporary bus shelters will remain in their current locations on Jubilee Way.

The road closure stating Wednesday 10th June highlighted in red.

We will be sure to keep you updated as the works progress and come towards what we hope will be a speedy completion, now that the contractors are back on site.

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