About Caldicot Town Team

Caldicot Town Team is a community group, made up of a mix of Businesses, Residents and Landlords, We aim to be all-inclusive, welcoming and actively want to encourage the opinions, thoughts and ideas of the people that use Caldicot and have done for many years, along with those who may never have even stepped foot in Caldicot town centre, and are not actually aware of what is on offer, or what can be achieved, with a little bit of enthusiasm, support, and new ways of thinking and working.


Caldicot Town Team is focussed on working closely with Asda on the new supermarket development, along with Monmouthshire County Council on the linkage between Asda and the town centre, we are also building a close relationship with landlords and businesses in the area, and are actively working to improve the facilities and services that are currently on offer within Caldicot, and throughout the Severnside area.
We want to work with community groups, we can build a better, more vibrant, economically prosperous town. based in Severnside, and encourage them to become involved with us, and what can be achieved,


We also want to bring back a real sense of community with events that currently take place in and around Caldicot, and bring back some events that no longer take place, for one reason or another, we want to expand on this, Severnside has some real jewels that should be taken advantage of, we want to put Severnside on the tourist map, bringing in such things as a digital history trail, a new incredible edible scheme, and making public the history that we have to offer.

Resident, Aaron Reeks is a director of the team and invites you to get in touch by email or on twitter.

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