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A Busy Time Ahead For Caldicot

As we edge slowly toward Spring 2021, we wanted to give you a comprehensive update of all that is due to happen over the next couple of months. This article contains information on Regeneration, Business Grants, Consultation, Roadworks and much more. Grab yourself a coffee and click the link to read on. 

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Shop Local This Christmas – Caldicot Needs You

It is almost an understatement to say that this has been a tough year for businesses in the UK. The biggest pandemic in living history, Lockdowns and shutdowns, lack of trade, flooding and rising costs have all made it a very hard environment for businesses to continue to be sustainable, however, you can and do make a difference. Let’s support what we have and whats on offer before jumping online for a home delivery or to an out of town retail park. Monmouthshire County Council and Caldicot Town Team will…

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Firebreak Funding Released From Welsh Government

Following our post last week, surrounding the “Firebreak” in Wales from 23rd October to 9th November, where non-essential retail, leisure and hospitality businesses are having to close, Welsh Government have released further and more detailed information regarding funding support for those affected. Two types of grant are available for retail, leisure and the hospitality industries, as well as for those areas who have been subjected to ongoing restrictions (not valid at this point in Monmouthshire) Grant 1 A grant of £5,000 is being made available for retail, leisure and hospitality…

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FAQ’s For Latest “Firebreak” Lockdown

There are many questions that have been directed to us over this last week from concerned businesses as well as members of the public, we have tried to answer as many of them as possible, and seek clarification for those answers we simply do not know yet. The Welsh Government have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions which we hope will go some way towards alleviating some of those valid concerns. Of course, we would be more than happy to help seek clarity for businesses in…

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Co-Vid 19 – Town Centre Outdoor Adaptations Grant

With the effects of CoVid still being felt right throughout the business community up and down the country, and, indeed across the world. Efforts are being focussed on supporting and improving things for our towns, villages and cities. 

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Re-Opening Caldicot – Update

With restrictions now being lifted on what can and cannot open in our town centre, things are slowly, becoming a new ‘normal’ We are proud to have been a part of the plans that have led the way to making the town as safe and as accessible for all. Read on for more details about how the town centre is adapting. 

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