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How Has CO-Vid Changed The Way You Do Business

As a business, we fully appreciate that this weird time we are in is completely new to all of us and has forced a lot of us to change almost every aspect of our lives. Not least for businesses in the Caldicot and Severnside Area.

We would be really keen to hear how you have managed to diversify your business, maybe by selling new products, opening an online shop, using social media to sell products, offering home delivery or completely changing what you do.

It’s times like this that communities are able to come together, work together, support each other and provide for one another and we want to showcase the very best in our community.


We also want to hear how Caldicot Town Team and Monmouthshire County Council can help you? Do you need equipment to safely open, would a social media campaign help? Could you work outside your shop (in the high street?) Is there something that would make sure both you and your customers are safe? We are keen to hear from all businesses, not just in the town centre but across the whole of Severnside.


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