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CO-VID19 Update – Businesses Are Not Registering To Receive Grants

While many local independent have already registered with Monmouthshire County Council to receive their grant from Government to help with the Co-VID19 Crisis,  there are still many that have not yet, prompting Monmouthshire County Council to push calls for those who have not to do so as soon as possible. Read more here…

Although it may seem like a lifetime ago for those who are in lockdown, It was only 2 weeks ago that the Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a wave of measures to support Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) with grants available of £10,000 or £25,000, (based on your businesses rateable value) The Welsh Government confirmed 6 days later that it would match the grants offered in England and would be passing the administration of grants onto County Councils to process these quickly. 

As Caldicot Town Team is working for and with our independent SME’s in Caldicot, it is pleasing to hear from some businesses that they have already received their grant money from Monmouthshire County Council, however there does seem to be some businesses who have not yet signed up to receive the grant, which is highly concerning. Off the back of a bad and very wet winter, the mass lockdown is not something our small businesses need, and certainly not from a financial point of view. The announcement made by the Chancellor was very welcoming, with lots of businesses able to emit a very small, and cautious sigh of relief, while we are currently in lockdown. 

Monmouthshire County Council do not hold bank details of those businesses who are eligible for the grant so have very swiftly put together a simple form that can be filled out online, (found here The team at County Hall are working hard to release as many grants as soon as possible out to businesses, to help with their business in these very unusual and strange times. 

Mike Powell, Monmouthshire County Council had this to say during a conference call this week:

We currently have around a third of businesses who have completed the form online for the grant, our team are working incredibly quickly to process these and get payments out to those businesses, our target is to get between £5 Million and £10 Million pound of grant money out of the door by Friday evening.

It is concerning however that some businesses are yet to apply, which makes our job much harder, we could post letters to the registered business address, but with them closed, we don’t know if they will receive it, the same with mobile numbers that may have changed. 

Some businesses may not be eligible but we would encourage them all to check the guidance on the Business Wales website before applying, if you are still unsure, complete the form and our team will get back to you as soon as we can. 

It could be up to 2,000 businesses across the County that haven’t yet applied and they really should do now, These grants will not be paid automatically.

If you are a business with a premises in the county, your first step to check eligibility by visiting and then register at  

Please don’t wait! 



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