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Co-VID19 Business Update – 30-3-20

With the lockdown having been in place now for almost a week, things have been very different in the country, Scarily different, our town centres have been empty, the M4 Barren and parks and play areas closed. With so much news and information coming out all the time, its difficult for businesses to find out what they need to do, what their restrictions are, and how they can obtain funding to help keep their business afloat. read more here for details;

Caldicot Town Team have been keeping in very close contact with business leaders, Monmouthshire County Council Departments and other groups and organisations to provide clarity and easy signposting for businesses. in these unprecedented times of sweeping shop closures (albeit temporary) and worrying times, we know how vital it is to find support to keep your business alive through the crisis. 

As previously highlighted in past articles, there is grant funding (that is not repayable) to any retail business with a rateable value of £51,000 or less. Monmouthshire County Council have devised a very simple form for businesses to complete and this will enable swift, smooth payments of either £10,000 or £25,000 which is dependent on your rateable value.

As of this Monday 30th March, only 1,000 our of over 3,300 businesses have applied for the grant funding. We would stress that this is not repayable and is available from the Welsh Government (paid via Monmouthshire County Council) Immediately. If you are a retail business, you are eligible to apply. Monmouthshire County Council have moved at incredible speed to push this through and have paid 150 businesses out already, which is commendable. Without your form however, you will not be contacted, this is not automatic and Monmouthshire County Council do not hold your bank details, so are unable to make payments without your help. This grant has been made available to help support your business through this crisis and is not repayable by you. 

The full link can be found here

It is really important that you complete this as soon as possible to avoid any delay in receiving your payment. As you can imagine, the team are extremely busy at the moment, so would request that you do not call if at all possible, once you have submitted the page online, your request will get to MCC and will be dealt with as quickly as possible. 

All you will need for the form is your bank account details and your business rates reference number, this can be found on your business rates form or via 

Further support is due to be announced by the first minister this week for businesses which we are eagerly awaiting to hear from and will make a new announcement once this has been formally approved.

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