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The Difference That YOU Make To Our Town

A message from the founder of Caldicot Town Team looking back over the last few years and looking forward to the future of Caldicot

Caldicot Town Team started off as a small idea, mainly one surrounding how we as local people can help to make a difference to the community that we work, live and play in, over the years, those who have worked with us either as volunteers or directors have realised that actually, it is so much more than just a not for profit voluntary led community led business;

“I think it is certainly fair to say that Caldicot Town Team has had its up and downs since its inception back in 2013. Not just with local residents, but also local businesses and councillors. However, that said, I would personally would like to thank everyone who has offered help, given me advice and support throughout 2019. To all those who have helped me adhered to rules and regulations that should be upheld, to those who have given me a telling off either in private or, sometimes publicly, for breaking those rules and hopefully accepting my apologies. To all of those who have commented, shared on social media or word of mouth, put up a poster, donated, loaned equipment, popped down to help, attended an event, purchased something from our markets, supported independent businesses. A very sincere thank you! There is way too many people to thank personally!

I would even like to thank those that critiqued, criticised and complained, whether it be face to face or behind a computer/tablet because they have made me, including others think of the myriad of views and opinions that are held throughout our community, whether they are positive or negative. It’s changed thought processes and helped to influence decisions. For those that choose to spread continual negativity towards the great work we have and are achieving in Caldicot, I understand, not fully admittedly, but I do try to. I don’t know of any organisation, group or company in the world that can please everybody all of the time, but if we all took a step out from under the shadows and spoke, listened to, and had an open mind, both in public and private environments, we can learn to make sure we do a better job in pleasing the majority and making informed decisions. We all have our own equally valid opinions to make, not just to what we do during our lifetimes but also to what everyone and anyone else does, everyone should be heard, listened to, treated with respect from both sides of the coin without prejudice or the pre-disposed idea that there is always an ulterior motive lurking beneath the surface. Too often we are searching desperately to see the bad in people, when actually, as a human race we should be looking at the good in others and ourselves.

Everyone in the world has a valid contribution to make to our society in which we live and everyone, including YOU, reading this right now has at some point or another made a difference to Caldicot. Think of a pebble dropping into a calm lake, you are but one pebble, but drop it into a lake and it creates ripples, those ripples grow in size and make tiny waves in the surface of the lake. Those tiny waves as they grow affect everything that is in the lake whether it be a fish swimming, a direction of an incest skating across the water or a boat that is out fishing. That same process applies directly to Caldicot, whether it be; 

A voluntary Grassroutes bus driver who takes the elderly to their weekly bingo meeting at the leisure centre

A cake maker who almost always buys her cake boxes in Country Flowers.

A young mother who does her weekly shop at Asda.

A dad who buys wipers for his car from Car Care in the village.

A funeral director who will always stop and say a cherry hello, no matter how bad her day has been.

A solicitor who has his suit dry cleaned monthly at clean and fresh.

A single twenty-something woman who has her hair done every fortnight in Reva for a weekend of partying in Cardiff or Bristol.

A market trader who donates regularly to an organisation for allowing local storage of a gazebo. 

A retired green fingered lady who plants the Caldicot sign in flowers at Mitel twice a year.

A facebook group leader, who volunteers his time to allow us all to remember years gone by with some amazing photographs and stories. 

A pensioner who regularly has her nails done in Essence, to make her feel youthful again.

A photographer who captures stunning sunsets across the Severn bridge.

A kind hearted neighbour who visits a house bound friend next door.

A couple who celebrate a special birthday at Fratelli’s. 

A local tool hire company who will do their best to support community groups throughout the year.

A teenager who every school morning pops into one stop shop for his chewing gum.

A nurse who cares for patients at grey hill surgery.

A Scout club who provides a Father Christmas and Grotto at the annual light switch on for free. 

A business owner who happily comes outside to serve a disabled woman every market day. 

A street cleaner who cleans up the discarded cigarette butts to keep the village nice.

A happy dog owner who always purchases their dog treats from The Pet Shop.

A recently married couple who have just purchased their first home through Nathan James Estate Agents.

The one thing that every single one of these people have in common, is that they form part of a community, an extended family, a neighbourhood, a society, a force for good.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a tiny thing or a massive thing, every single person contributes in some way to making CALDICOT a better place to work, live and play. 

So, A heartfelt thank you is in order, because although you may not realise it, YOU do make a difference to Caldicot, its residents and its businesses. 

What does the future hold for Caldicot Town Team, well, a full years worth of events, markets and projects that will help us to benefit even more people from all walks of life. Projects that get down to the heart of the issues that businesses are suffering with currently. And a lot more besides.

See you soon with a full run down of all of our events and markets.

Thank you.

Aaron Reeks (Voluntary Director)

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