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Neddern Brook Pollution Problems

The Neddern Book, which runs through Caldicot Castle is suffering from high levels of pollution. DWR Welsh Water is aware of the problem and looking for residents help in fixing the ongoing issues

Natural Resource Wales have reached out to us to publicise the need to ensure that residents have items plumbed in correctly at home. Pollution has gone worse recently in the Neddern Brook and causes a wide array of problems, from issues for wildlife, flooding issues and can even cause smells around the brook. 

Natural Resource Wales gave this statement;

@NatResWales need your help in tackling an ongoing pollution problem affecting the Neddern Brook in Caldicot.

We believe that incorrectly-plumbed toilets, washing machines and dishwaters could be sending dirty water into the wrong drains and directly into the brook at Caldicot Castle.

We’re working with Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water to investigate and progress is being made, but there are thousands of properties which could be inadvertently contributing to the problem.

We’re also asking everyone in the area to check their drains to make sure they are connected correctly. As a general rule, your rainwater guttering will enter the storm drain – nothing else should.

Also, if you’ve recently had a new extension or annexe built, or have plumbed in a new appliance, please check that it is plumbed correctly into the foul sewer.

Information on how to do this can be found via the following link to the Connect Right website

It is important that these issues are resolved swiftly, with vast flooding of Caldicot Castle grounds in recent years, the affect this problem is having on our local environment is significant and needs to be addressed. 

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