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Co-Vid Update 23rd Oct 2020 – “Firebreak”

It’s a situation that no business wants to be in after what has already happened this year, but this is where we find ourselves again; small, independent businesses forced to shut to try to stem the rise in Co-Vid cases in Wales.

Caldicot Town Team are rightly on the side of businesses, who feel that this “fire-break” will be another reason that businesses, already struggling in the wake of the first lockdown, will have to endure more worry, concern and reduced earnings and forced closures.

The Welsh Government have committed to supporting small, independent businesses and SME’s by giving out a second wave of grants. Final detail is still waiting to be made public, however, it is likely to be realised by the Welsh Government on Wednesday 28th October.

New rules enforced from 23rd Oct – 9th Nov

The amount businesses will be entitled to will be based, we believe; at this point on the amount received during the first lockdown period, for those who are Non-Domestic Rate Payers of between £1,000 or £5,000.

We will, along with Monmouthshire County Council be keeping a very close eye on the publications coming out from The Senedd over the weekend and will update all the businesses with the information needed as soon as we can.

We fully sympathise that this is a tremendously difficult year for our businesses in Caldicot; and will continue to work hard over the coming months, in the run up to Christmas to help improve footfall and bring shoppers into the town centre. With Initiatives such as the Fiver Fest, Christmas Markets, Loyalty Scheme and Pop Up Shop, we hope to be able to help you as much as we can.

For any traders or businesses that would like some specific help from us, or to seek advice or clarity, we would really like you to get in touch with us. Our contact details are at the top of the page, and can always come and see you in person.

For more information on covid and the current lockdown period, we would recommend you visit the Monmouthshire County Council website and keep an eye out on our Social Media Page specifically for businesses: Caldicot Town Centre Business Facebook Page

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