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Caldicot Urban Design Documentation Released

Detailed plans have been released following the urban development plans started in 2014 by Caldicot Town Team and Monmouthshire County Council (MCC)

MCC have been working in conjunction with Chris Jones Regeneration and Roberts Limbrick to develop the plans further as part of the Welsh Governments funding available to help regenerate high streets across Wales. 

The following Design Manual gives a great insight into Caldicot town centre through the years and visualises the future of our town centre, which is an impressive modern change to what we currently have in the town centre. 

Work is due to start shortly on The Cross redevelopment, which will start the wider redevelopment plans for the whole of the town centre. 

Following wide spread consultation over the last 5 years, MCC have issued a Strategic Project Framework Document which outlines the ambitious but realistic plans for the town and highlights five initial priorities.

  • The Cross Destination Space

  • Urban Centre Property Enhancement Fund

  • Enterprise Hub

  • Retail Parade Improvements;

  • Jubilee Way – Urban Living/Courtyard Scheme

Our reaction to the plans,

These plans show just how unique our town centre can be with the right investment, making the town centre more of a destination space with lots of dwell time for visitors, its a great opportunity for us to be able to raise the profile of the town centre and focus our efforts on bringing in independent traders into the town centre who can thrive in a modern environment, with a fresh feel and a renewed sense of pride for where we live. Caldicot Town Team are pleased that the plans have developed so far from our original aspirations back in 2014 when we started this project. Partners and Council have worked hard to produce plans that will transform our town centre.

Of course, this type of redevelopment will not happen overnight, with work taking place behind the scenes in recent years with landlords, tenants and local and welsh government. However, with full support from Welsh Government and backing from MCC and Land owners, its great to see these plans taking shape and being pushed to the next level. 

The Caldicot Town Centre Regeneration Scheme is funded by Monmouthshire County Council and the Welsh Government who have allocated £44 million across South East Wales through its ‘Targeted Regeneration Investment’ programme (TRI), 2018-21.

The TRI programme supports the economic regeneration and sustainable development of our Town Centres.

Caldicot Town was chosen as Monmouthshire’s priority Regeneration Scheme and forms part of the Cardiff Capital Region (CCR) Regeneration Plan.

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