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Welcome Back Discount Offer

To welcome back non essential retail to Caldicot Town Centre, Caldicot Town Team has put in place a discount offer for customers to save money on their purchases between April 12th & April 25th. 

Caldicot Town Team are pleased to announce that everyone can save 10% off their purchases with non-essential retailers during April, The offer runs from Monday 12th April until Sunday 25th April.

You must give the retailer the Discount code to be eligible for the discount.

Voucher Code RE102021

Participating Retailers. 

  • Unit 35
  • Dream Nails
  • Barbers
  • Classic Barbers
  • Clarkes Butchers (*) 
  • The Baguette Shop
  • Redz
  • Caldicot Printing
  • Totties

Offer not valid without providing the discount code


Terms & Conditions (Customers)

Full retailer list displayed above. Limited to purchases below £50. Retailers have the right to refuse discount at their discretion. Customers only entitled to the discount by providing the correct discount code RE102021. Retailers have the right to withdraw the offer at any time. Retailers must complete the forms given to them by Caldicot Town Team. Unless stated discounts cannot be combined and only one offer can be applied to any order. Payment will be made within 5 working days after the end of the promotion. customers agree to provide their postcode when asked. No identifiable information will be collected by Caldicot Town Team or the retailer in relation to this offer. Supplementary charges such as delivery or postage & packing shall not be discounted. Offer starts at 09:00 on Monday 12th April. Offer ends at 16:00 on Sunday April 25th. 



Terms & Conditions (Retailers)
The equivalent of 10% discount up to a maximum of £5 per transaction will be paid to you, by Caldicot Town Team by April 30th at the latest. The offer is valid on any purchases totalling £50 or less, whether its click & collect, in store or otherwise. The offer runs from Mon April 12th to Sun Apr 25th Inclusive. Retailers have the right to refuse discount if they deem it unnecessary or to cause financial hardship to Caldicot Town Team or Retailer.  Completed forms must be ready for collection on Monday 26th April. Till/Written receipts must be attached to form as stated, unless otherwise agreed with Directors of Caldicot Town Team in advance. Discount can only be applied once the Correct discount code has been given to a staff member at the time of purchase. Customers can use the code more than once in the two week period. Discount will not be applicable once customer has left the store. Please contact us with any queries or if you need more receipt sheets. Offer starts at 09:00 on Monday 12th April. Offer ends at 16:00 on Sunday 25th April. 

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