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Reuse, Reduce and Recycle

We are always keen to help reduce and reuse wherever possible, to make our environment a better place for our and future generations.

Over the last 5 years we have implemented new schemes to reduce our footprint in Caldicot and your support is a big part of its success.

We have installed 5 Gumdrop bins – which reduces the amount of chewing gum waste being thrown on the floor. These are recycled into products and resold to avoid them going into landfill or into our ecosystem.

We have also installed 3 Cigarette bins in the town centre to date, these are collected by us and then sent to Terracycle UK where the butts are stripped and recycled into products, avoiding landfill and damage to our environment.

We are currently looking at a way to collect and then recycle coffee machine pods to avoid these foil and plastic items going into landfill.

We also purchased a number of cotton bags for life which you still have the opportunity to purchase, these are available from Country Flowers at just £2, which we will gladly replace for free when they need to be. This not only supports us with promotion, but also helps to reduce the amount of carrier bags used on a daily basis.

We are always keen to hear your thoughts on ways we can all do more to recycle our everyday products and will hopefully be working in conjunction with other community groups on projects later on in the year, so please keep an eye out on the website and social media pages.

Small acts help to make a big difference in the world we live in, be part of the movement and together we can all do a little bit to help reduce the amount of products that end up in landfill or at sea.

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