Linkage Plans Submitted to MCC for Approval

The linkage plans, which tie in the new supermarket with the existing town centre have now been submitted to Monmouthshire County Council for approval.

You can view the documents here: Planning Application

The image below is taken from one page of the planning application but shows how the linkage is going to look when completed, with new seating, lightning, fencing and bollards. The image also shows a design for a “totem pole” which will advertise some of the key attractor stores. (such as Waitrose, HSBC, Greggs & Post Office)

All of this, along with the redesign of the current supermarket car park will provide a fresh new feel for users walking between the town centre and new supermarket.

We will provide further information and attach any new links when they become available. We are also going to be able to provide a timeline of when the works will be taking place, so as the help minimise any disruption.


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