Terracycle LTD

In 2018 Caldicot Town Team joined and partnered with a company called Terracycle LTD. Our project for 2018 was to reduce the amount of cigarette butts that are thrown away on our pavements and town centre each day. 

To date, we have installed 3 cigarette bins in the town centre and will be looking to put up another 3 once refurbishment works are completed in the town centre. 

These are emptied and cigarette butts collected by our volunteers and then shipped off to Terracycle LTD for recycling. 

Surprisingly there are many products that can be made from cigarette butts. Here is what happens when the used cigarette butts reach Terracycle LTD;

The collected waste will be shredded and separated. The plastic (such as the cigarette filters) will undergo pelletisation and extrusion to be moulded into various recycled plastic products. The paper will be recycled and the tobacco and other organics will be composted.

Terracycle LTD recycle a huge range of items and products, some seemingly obvious ones and some that you may never even have thought of recycling and just throw away in your standard refuse. 

You can find out much more about this innovative company by visiting their website; Terracycle Ltd – About Us



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