Public Meeting Held 12/09/14 – Notes

Notes taken during the public meeting that took place at Caldicot Town Council offices on 12th September 2014, discussing the issues surrounding vehicles using the pedestrian area of Newport Road;


John Marshall confirmed during the meeting that in June he met with highways officers and businesses to discuss to feasibility of having a permit system put in place to allow businesses that do not have rear access to use the pedestrianised area to allow deliveries.


Sargent Phil Purchill confirmed that there have been 4 accidents within the last 12 months and improvements need to be made by Monmouthshire county Council to make the town centre safe again.
Alan Davies (retired Steelworker) agreed with members of the public that the safety of pedestrians is paramount and that businesses have a responsibility to its customers to ensure that deliveries are made in a safe way, and under supervision at all times.


Businesses in Wesley buildings have an issue with the rear access that they have, as the doors cannot be opened from outside, meaning any deliveries after hours have to be delivered through the front of the premises. This is an issue that needs to be taken up with the landlord to try to improve the rear access doors to avoid deliveries through the front


The signage needs to be improved in the town centre to warn delivery companies that fines are being issued and that it is a pedestrianised area. Alan Davies agreed with this, however there is currently signage, and the fact that the pedestrianised area is paved, should be warning enough to companies that it is not for vehicle use.


Speed is clearly an issue with vehicles in the town centre, many have commented that they have seen vehicles speeding though the town, and one member of the public asked what the speed limit was. Sgt Purchill stated that as it a “no vehicular access” road that technically there is no speed limit as they shouldn’t be driving through it. However it is worth pointing out that the latest accident happened at a very low speed, no more than 5mph.


Market traders are also abusing the town centre on market days, by leaving vehicles on site, leaving during the day and speeding and this needs to be looked at.


A question was raised as to why MCC had no installed any bollards alongside the pelican crossing, vehicles have been seen using that to enter the town centre. MCC were not aware it was an issue until now, but will look into it with urgency.


The proposals put in place during the meeting have been summarised below


  • MCC will review signage, and look to replace the permeant bollard by the cross and install a new on by the pelican crossing
  • MCC will also start consultation with businesses around introducing a permit system in the town, for the businesses who do not have rear access.
  • Caldicot Town Team will get costings and look at the feasibility of employing a traffic warden for the area, this would be limited to the town centre only though as both service roads around the town are privately owned.
  • Caldicot Town Team will work with the market supervisor to ensure that vehicles are removed from the town centre and are aware of the dangers of driving through the town.
  • Gwent Police will look into educating youths in the town centre who cycle through the town, and educate businesses better and ensure they are aware of their own responsibilities to consumers using the town centre
  • Gwent Police and Caldicot Town Team will write an article for the next edition of Severnside News, which will aid with better education of the dangers of cycling and driving through the town.

Due to the severity and risk of driving and cycling through the town centre, we are planning on changes to be made very quickly. Caldicot Town Team have a program board meeting on the 22nd of September and have already added an item to discuss these issues and if needed, approve any funding to make improvements. Caldicot town team will report back with updates at their next meeting held in October.

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