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Change of Use/Residential Properties Planned For Town Centre.

A planning application has been received by Monmouthshire County Council with an intention to reduce space within a retail premise, and add an additional 2 flats to the rear of the property in the town centre.

Caldicot Town Team were not informed of these plans when they were first submitted back in September, however they have since come to our attention in relation to the potential impact on the town centre.

Affordable housing is an absolute necessity in the local area, but this is dependent on many factors, including the impact it can have on our town centre, the offerings of retail premises within the town and any potential noise or traffic issues that may arise.

The full details of the planned works can be found here https://planningonline.monmouthshire.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=QYSRL8KYHIW00 Including Existing and Proposed works to be carried out.

While the change of use and refurbishment of the property would make a visual difference at the rear of the shop, we are concerned about the amount of space that will be lost from the existing retail premise, with an already high number of smaller shops located within the town centre, a difference in size allows for a variety of uses to be considered, should properties ever come up for rental in the future. Caldicot Town Team does have concerns with regards to the potential for increased traffic movements along the service road at the back of the unit and although there are rights of way attached to the land owners property, this is something that would need to be looked at in more detail to avoid any disruption in the future. That said however, there are many benefits for residential and commercial properties to thrive amongst each other, including bringing down levels of Anti social behaviour in the area, which would be welcomed in that specific area of the village, as the properties back onto the area near Caldicot Hub (library)

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