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Town Centre Planning Application For New “Town Flats”

The landlord of 36/38 Newport Road (unit compromising Clarkes Butchers – Bargain Booze) has applied for planning permission for a change of use for new flats to be built above the retail premises.

New “town flats” could replace the offices above 36/38 Newport road, with planning permission being sought by the current landlords. 

In the planning application, plans can be seen of the proposed views of how the flats will look. The landlord has confirmed in the design and access statement, which can be found in the link below, that,  “the properties will be sold as “Town Flats” so no car parking spaces will be available” for residents.

The landlord has also stated that; “The offices to the property are vacant so introducing flats will increase better investment opportunities as well benefit buyers in aiding the demand for property in the area. The property will also attract an increase to the economy of Caldicot’s local businesses.”  

The design and access statement also mention the opportunities that the units will provide; 

• Using space that is currently sitting vacant

• Increasing more opportunities in the area for buyers and local Traders

• Windows will match existing sizes

• Better lighting for proposed use

You can view the complete planning application here;;jsessionid=9740A93ED65A57AB689BCE80F3DC19E7?action=show&appType=Planning&appNumber=DM/2018/01220

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