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7 Thoughts to “Home”

  1. Ceri

    Could you e-mail me an application form please for your market on 5th November 2016
    I have tried downloading from the link but it doesn’t seem to be working.
    Many Thanks

  2. Aaron Reeks

    Hi Ceri, Our links are now back working, sorry for the delay in replying, if you can send us a message with your email address we can send you on over directly

  3. Mike Day

    Is the Town Team addressing the Councils latest briliant idea of charging businesses to put advertising outside their premises as in A boards??? Are they really trying to drive all small businesses out of Caldicot

    1. Aaron Reeks

      Hi Mike, Yes we are, wWe have already written to the council asking them to reconsider the charges, and completed a petition by local businesses which is to be presented to the council. We have written an article on our opposition, which can be found in the news section of the website, and will be updating everyone as soon as we receive a response.

  4. Gerald Baiton

    Hi, Can you tell me who is paying for the alterations to Waitrose carpark? Why are these alterations being done as the general feeling I get is that most people are happy with the way things are? Also ,pedestrianisaton into the town is dangerous as access is still required by very large HGV’s delivering, plus loosing parking spaces,It seems a little silly to even commence this work when parking is at a premium whilst school work is in progress.Lastly ,who authorised this!

  5. Keith

    Hi Aaron, I mistakenly left an item on the town team helpers under your name, I think I should have posted it here?

  6. tanya akpojevughe

    Hi I was interested in having a stall.at your town centre on 15th April. Do you.need my help please ring me on 07903485057. Thankyou

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