Empire Vapes

Empire Vapes
Empire Vapes

How long has your business been running for?

8 months

What products/services do you offer?

An alternative way to stop smoking

Do you offer any bespoke/unusual products or services that customers may not be aware of?

We offer a wide range of premium e-liquids, tanks, mods and starter kits. 

Do you have any family members than work with you?

Our shop is fully staffed by family members.

What do you like about Caldicot?

The shops are looking out for each other. 

Can you recall a scenario that made you proud to be in business?

Helping people stopping smoking. 

Do you have a highlight point of being in business?

We always ensure that the customer gets what they need. 

01291 424710
9 Newport Road
NP26 4BG